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CT (5-ton)

The CT tower is based on C52T mast sections. These mast sections have onesided horizontal bracing to facilitate safe and easy climbing of the towers. C52T truss is constructed of main tubes of 60 x 5 mm and diagonals of 30 x 3/48 x 3 mm. Use the CCS7 coupling system with the CCS7-704 or CCS7-703-C52T shortened spigot pin. The base section of the CT tower is similar to the ST tower; the outside dimensions and setup are the same. Extra spindles are added to the base section to absorb the extra forces resulting from the tower’s higher loading capacity. Existing ST base sections can be upgraded to accommodate CT towers on request. The CT tower has a self-weight of 140 kg.

There is a structural relation between tower length and size. Additionally, the applied load and the method of restraining the tower base also contribute to determination of the total loading capacity. All these factors must be taken into consideration when determining the allowable load and tower length. The allowable load given is based on a uniformly distributed load (UDL). Load cases with several point loads can show much better loading capacities.