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AvoKey AvoKey Internal for Titan


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Counterfeiting is a major threat to innovation and creativity in our industry. Developing software licensing and encryption is not something that excites us, but as we must regularly change our passwords and lock our doors, it is vital we protect our IP. To do this, we have introduced the AvoKey. The AvoKey is a USB dongle that plugs into your console or laptop and allows you to upgrade to Titan v12 or Ai v12.

If you do not wish to upgrade your software, it is not compulsory. Titan v11 and Ai v10 will run without an AvoKey and point versions have been released to ensure the software performs at optimum level.

To ensure you have the right Avokey for your product, check the installation guide or the FAQs below.

To purchase an Avokey, contact your local distributor or Avolites directly.

Which AvoKey Do I Need?
There are three different types of AvoKey:

Editor AvoKey – Silver Avokey that plugs into any laptop to unlock v12 simulator and v12 on your old Titan One Needed for: Titan One, V12 Simulator                    

External Avokey – Silver Avokey that plugs into your laptop to access v12 on your Titan Mobile or Ai License (please note the Ai license will be loaded onto the Avokey, you will not need your old Ai license to access Ai v11 and above). Needed for: Titan Mobile, Ai License Upgrades

Internal AvoKey -  Red Avokey that plugs into your console or media server. Needed for: Consoles from the Quartz onwards, Media Servers.

Do New Products Need an AvoKey?
If you purchased a Titan or Ai product from 1st August, the AvoKeys are already fitted so you do not need to purchase a separate key. 

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